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Konno Shiori Asan x t Asian beauty Asian

Konno Shiori Asan x t Asian beauty Asian


My most favorite on her sexy shot when she wears white that symbolizes a welcome for me in the morning.

Tokuheroine hot images for today #2: Morita Suzuka

I just saw her name while I'm searching to my new source for new Tokuheroes and Tokuheroines the Asian Drama Wiki until I saw this.


Her recent movie is the 2018 Kaze no Iro. This babe looks like a big sister type, leader type and an energetic type of personality.

Kao Salad Dressing Commercial ( Featuring Rina Koike)

OOO SPOILERS: - Koukawani Combo will not appear in the TV series. It seems to be a special form OOO will get in the Summer movie. (Granted, movie only forms ...

Her recent movie is the 2018 Kensatsugawa no Zainin . She looks like a neesan, serious and a leader type of personality. She is suited for Super Sentai, ...

Pic for Today # 827

Misaki Momose looks like Mao Inoue who played Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango.She looks like a tough Super Sentai heroine for me like Jasmine/Dekayellow of ...

My Dream Tokuheroines # 195: Shiori Tamai

My Dream Tokuheroines # 159: Miu Yoshimoto (By Blazeheart)

My Dream Tokuheroines # 188: Kanna Hashimoto

Pic for Today # 755

She looks like a cutie but a tough person like Ayuri Konno ,She's suited for Super Sentai and Kamen Rider role.

After the tiring work,let's relax first with this hot babe from Kamen Rider OOO Hina Izumi.Riho Takada is one of the most beautiful girls in Kamen Rider ...

Pic for Today # 1223

I saw this babe when I watch Beck the Movie played by Takeru Sato and Hiro Muzushima who played their lead Kamen Rider roles.She's really hot,but didn't ...

Ayuri Konno's 1st idol DVD “Ayu to Thai” launch event Video

My Dream Tokuheroines#38:Oba Mina

My Dream Tokuheroines #271: Aisa Takeuchi

My Dream Tokuheroines #258 : Moeka Koizumi


She's started her stardom in 2007 until she join the band Sakura Gakuin wayback 2010 and BabyMetal in 2012.She looks a sweetie,naughty and a badass for me.

... series Money no Tenshi. She is currently member of NMB48. This babe looks like sweetie, neesan or a joyful type of personality.

Blue Seal Ice Cream Commercial featuring Ruka Matsuda (Karino Asuna/ Poppy Pipopapo of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

Ayuri Konno Bikini Pics ( By GekiChopper)

My Dream Tokuheroines # 235: Elaiza Ikeda | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

My Dream Tokuheroines # 144:Hinako Sano | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

Her recent movie is the High Kick Angels and the upcoming Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo. This babe is a sweetie type for me that reminds me Rina Aizawa.

My Dream Tokuheroines # 206: Miria Fujita

My Dream Tokuheroines # 81:Yurika Tachibana

Riria Kojima who previously played as Mio/ToQ3Gou of 2014-15 Ressha Sentai ToQGer.

Tokuheroine hot images for today#7: Riho Takada

ASUNA - Ely(E子) Asuna Cosplay Photo - Cure WorldCosplay

My Dream Tokuheroines # 175:Akari Hayami

My Dream Tokuheroines # 146: Sara Takatsuki


... series Zeni no Senso and movie Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl. This girl looks like a tough, energetic and a serious type of personality.

My Dream Tokuheroines #26: Atsuko Maeda | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

My Dream Tokuheroines # 208: Saki Minamino

Hayato Sano started his acting career on the 2015 movie Kuchibiru ni Uta o. This guy looks like a tough ,serious or a badass type of personality.

My Dream Tokuheroines # 182: Sairi Itoh

Anyway here are some pics of Ninnin Girls' Kasumi Yamaya (Kasumi Momochi /Momoninger) and Yuuka Yano (Fuuka Igasaki/Shironinger) who bonds at the restaurant ...

Makoto Okunaka recently posted on her Twitter account that she will guest on Kamen Rider Ghost episode 36 on June 19 and 37 on June 26.

Kouhei Takeda is rumored to return on this series to reprise his role as Otoya Kurenai/Kamen Rider Kiva on 2008 Kamen Rider Kiva's timeline.

Chloe smiling is she an ally or foe.

... Young To Die! Wakakushite Shinu. This babe looks like a silent, serious and a neesan type of personality.She is suited for Super Sentai or Kamen Rider ...

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Rumors: Ruka Matsuda will be the Tokuheroine on the Ex-Aid series?

Sumire Konno / Navy Joshie played by Mizuki Yamamoto

01.Ms. Michiko Makino who played Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink 5 on the series Choudenshi Bioman.

My Dream Tokuheroines# 60: Riko Narumi | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

"I love all the way " Commercial featuring Arisa Komiya

... The Movie and 2015 TBS series Algernon ni Hanataba o . This girl looks like a sweety type or a neesan type of personality, she is suited for Super ...

Kogane is disguised as a girl to be played by 15 years old Honoka Ando.

Argus transforms into Kamen Rider Dark Ghost and can able to change into Napoleon Damashii, plus his forces the Dark Necroms.


... Fuwa teh security guard which is a victim of Deathgalian' Dorobozu. She looks like a sweetie , energetic and a silent type of personality.

Pic for Today # 672

My Dream Tokuheroines # 89: Maika Yamamoto

Naomi Yumeno (Played by Miyabi Yatsura) is one of the founders of SSP (Something Search People) together with his friend Jetta, after she graduated in ...

Here's the commercial of Kagome Labelle Cleanse Vegetable Drink with Lactic Acid featuring Taiko Katono who previously played as Chase/Machine Chaser/Kamen ...

... 2015 TBS series Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! and WOWOW series Kageri Yuku Natsu. This babe looks like a sweety, tough and serious type of personality.

My Dream Tokuheroines # 187: Nana Komatsu

Her recent roles is the 2012 movie Ouran High School Host Club . This babe looks like a neesan ,sweet or a tough type of personality.

Softbank Commercial featuring Ryoma Takeuchi (Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive) | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES


Rei Suzumura / Zero ( Played by Ray Fujita) continuing his quest fighting against Horrors with his new comrades.

Aside from the confirmed roles of Nobunaga, Himiko, Robin Hood and Goemon, now the Booing !!! member Yurica will play as Cleopatra and it will appear her ...

Nina Endo started her career in the recent 2015 movie Yarukkya Kishi . This girl looks like a sweetie, princess like and a energetic personality.

My Dream Tokuheroines # 192: Reni Takagi

Kanako Momota started her acting career on the 2011 movie The Shimin Porisu 69 and her recent one is 2015 movie Maku ga Agaru . She is a current member of ...

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Updates: Actor will play Zamigo Delma Revealed !!!! | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

My Dream Tokuheroines # 88: Maki Horikita | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

V-Cinema's Ghost Re:Birth Kamen Rider Specter Updates: Aya Marsh during filming | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

Garo : Kami no Kiba Blu-Ray and DVD Revealed !!!! | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

Here's the episode 4 of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Urawaza Virtual Operations featuring Kujo Kiriya (Hayato Onozuka) when Dan Kuroto attach the virtual reality ...

Japanese are Yayoi, only very tiny Jomon/Ainu in Japanese and Okinawans DNA shows

Tsukuyo aka Death God Courtesan From Gintama #gintama #tsukuyo #cosplay #cosplayworld #deathgodcourtesan

April Heat this 2018

The gorgeous Ruka Matsuda who will play as Asuna Karino/ Poopi Pipopabo.


Sinon Dakimakura - Ely(E ? 朝田诗乃 Cosplay Photo

All About Yuko Ooi ( The Idol Singer on Kamen Rider Black Episode 39) By Hyperchrome | TOKUSATSU COMMUNITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

According to Riho Takada's blog she will played the next Kamen Rider in the series Kamen Rider OOO,its either the Summer Movie or the Hyper Battle Video.

Taishi Nakagawa started on the movie Hanjirou in 2010,and on the following year,he's started his first Jdorama series in NHK " Gou ~Himetachi no Sengoku~" ...

Here's the press conference for the 45th Anniversary and DVD Box Release of 1971-72 Mirrorman. The Press Con features the Tokusatsu Actor Nobuyuki Ishida ...

Nao Nagasawa (Nanami/Hurricane Blue of Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger) is now engaged to Koji Nakata

The Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger are nine member the five of them are humans composed of Shishi Red,Chameleon Green, Hebitsukai Silver , Kajiki Yellow and Sasori ...

My Special Entry called Toku-Clarifications cleanse all the ideas of some fans what is the real thing and fake and analyze some differences between the ...

Here's the first trailer of the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost the Movie: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment and Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger The Movie:The ...

I'm just attracted on her beauty even her little voice is bit annoying while I'm watching Ultraman Ginga.She looks like Riho Takada's younger sister on her ...

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac Man vs. Ex-Aid and Ghost with Legend Riders Updates:Robot Bugster Revealed!!! (By BlueStriderRyu and Guyferd20) ...

Here are Balance and Naga Rey will teach you to used the DX Seiza Blaster and Kyutama Demo for transforming into Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver ...

My Dream Tokuheroines # 190: Yukino Kishii

Kamen Rider Ichigou's new form show his fighting skills , his Neo Cyclone and fighting against Wolga Alexander. Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Specter ...

Now here's some pics of Michiko Makino after 32 years, she is still young looking at her smile just like in the Bioman series.

Some episode scenes that features Another Ex-Aid, Another Build, Another Faiz, Another Fourze and Another Wizard, Takumi/Kamen Rider 555, Masato/Kamen Rider ...