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One of our favorite pieces mariatash diamond eternity clickers can

One of our favorite pieces mariatash diamond eternity clickers can


One of our favorite pieces, #mariatash diamond eternity clickers can easily give any piercing an extra air of sophistication.

Our Diamond Lightning Bolt remains one of our most popular pieces, and we love how it brings a luxurious energy to any look! Available in a variety of metal ...

Here's a classic Maria Tash look, featuring our all-time favorite jewel: the Diamond! A Diamond Single Spike Eternity hangs off the lowest part of the Lobe, ...

A selection of gold pieces, such as our Diamond Eternity with 2 Dangles, marks

Diamond eternity with a green opal spike. . . . Pierced at @maria_tash @

Maria Tash is constantly releasing new high-end body jewelry designs, and her store has been called the best place to get a piercing in NYC.

Maria Tash offers her famous clicker design in a classic no stone option. This solid gold ring is perfect for those who want a seamless and simple look in ...

Diamond Eternity Ring || Shop this Instagram from @mariatash and @prikdpeterrobin

833 Likes, 21 Comments - Maria Tash (@maria_tash) on Instagram: “

princess cut and two round diamonds clicker ring. A very cute, tiny diameter ring that resembles a tiny version of a popular style of engagement ring.

There's a reason that our Diamond Lightning Bolts have remained one of our top selling pieces: they fit anywhere on the ear! While often seen in a Lobe or ...

diamond eternity ring with two cable chains and a suspended baguette diamond. A single baguette diamond is carried by the longer of the two chains.

Yellow Gold Diamond Delia One Chain Wrap Earring · Maria Tash

Four different statement rings decorate the Lobe of this #CuratedEar, each bringing their own energy and adornment. The highest Scalloped Diamond Ring and ...

Diamond Horizontal Eternity Clicker || Shop this look from Maria Tash || Photo from @sender_receiver

star diamond eternity ring, diamond eternity ring with star

This updated ear by our own Penny Burrows features a whole new set of Lobe Jewelry! In addition to the beautiful Plain Ring and Diamond Pave Clicker in the ...

A spontaneous #daith piercing done with one of our #mariatash horizontal eternities in white

Diamond Eternity Ring || Diamond Trinity || Diamond Four Ball Trinity || Diamond

Decorate your ear with an assortment of White Gold and Diamond pieces! This #CuratedEar incorporates many of our most popular styles, including a Diamond ...

All of our designs are appropriate for all genders, but we think men can look especially good in Black Gold, Black Diamonds, and Spikes, ...

This beautiful eternity clicker is a perfect choice for your cartilage piercing! The small and scintillating diamonds create a micro-pave look, and a single ...

Fantastic earstyle on by our - The diamond eternity triple spike matched with a diamond eternity in the lobe… Maria Tash

Centered around an ornate Diamond Apsara ring in the Daith, this #CuratedEar features a dazzling array of beautiful, celestial Diamond pieces .

When you have our exquisite 1/4" Black Opal and Diamond Triple Long Spike

This beautiful eternity clicker is a perfect choice for your cartilage piercing! The small and scintillating diamonds create a micro-pave look, and a single ...

The Maria Tash “Asparta” clicker has been one of our hottest pieces lately! They just returned back in stock and are available now again.


Nothing can match the classic glow of the Diamond. This #CuratedEar features the stone both in a hoop and a stud, piercing the Helix with a Invisible Set ...

MARIA TASH yellow gold single earring with chains.

Gold Single Spike Diamond Eternity

This luxury Black Gold look features many iconic Maria Tash pieces, including the magnificent Opal, Ruby, and Diamond Sword. We've been seeing a lot of ...

MARIA TASH 18kt yellow gold single earring with diamond. #mariatash #

Two short spikes and a long center spike of black opal do all the talking for this otherwise understated gold clicker ring. Maria Tash

This #CuratedEar keeps things clean and simple, matching a pair of perfectly pierced Diamond Eternity rings in the upper Lobe with a dainty Diamond Trinity ...

Tonight's ear: piercings healing nicely. One more will be added tomorrow. Not entirely

1/4" Yellow Gold Plain Clicker Earring

A beautiful arrangement of yellow gold Maria Tash pieces carried by our friends Millo Jewelry!

Diamond Single Row Eternity Single Earring - Yellow Gold. Maria Tash

Maria Tash

Daith Piercing Ideas

Yellow Gold Invisible Set Diamond Eternity Clicker Earring

diamond clicker earring designer

Maria Tash diamond eternity clicker

5/16" Diamond Two-Charm Eternity Earring ...

Glowing Pearl accents, like on the Pearl Eternity in the lower Helix and Pearl Dangles on the Diamond Ajna, give this #CuratedEar an elegant touch.

Yellow Gold Invisible Set Diamond Eternity Clicker Earring

5mm Diamond Pavé Five Row Single Hoop Earring - Rose Gold. Maria Tash

Very well balanced style of diamond ⭐️s and a ⚡ - their geometric lines and brilliant diamonds scintillating up the ear, accented with a round ...

Diamond Five Row Pave 18Kt Rose Gold Clicker Single Earring | Maria Tash - mytheresa

We love the look of the Invisible Set Large Diamond Eternity, seen here in a pair hanging off the high Helix. A variant of our standard Diamond Eternity ...


A vertical piece of Conch jewelry can be an extremely striking look, mimicking a variant on a classic Industrial bar. While this piercing may look like it ...

This stunning clicker comes to us from Maria Tash. Featuring solid 14k gold and genuine diamonds! This piece fits 18g piercings or standard earlobes.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

This innovative #CuratedEar takes from both the White and Black Diamond Collections, highlighting luxurious hoops and studs to create a stunning look!

This look incorporates a Diamond Trinity in the Tragus and a Diamond Eternity in the ...

Maria Tash 1/4 Inch Diamond Eternity Hoop Single Earring - Rose Gold


A trio of a 3 Long Spike Clicker, Black Diamond Web, and Black Scalloped Diamond stud form the ...

Turquoise Horizontal Eternity Clicker || Shop this look from @maria_tash Septum Piercings, Cartilage

This pattern of alternation of white and black diamonds creates a very bold and intriguing look. The left side is pierced with a White Diamond Eternity and ...

This lovely #CuratedEar features the Diamond Round Marquise and Pear Chain Orbital, a unique piece of jewelry that pierces the ear twice.

5/16" Diamond Star Eternity Earring ...

Her look incorporates a striking Black Diamond Lightning Bolt, a Black Diamond Eternity in the Tragus, and a Medium Chain Handcuff piercing the Lobe twice.

Opals meet diamonds in this alluring #CuratedEar, matching Opal Spike Rings in the upper Lobe and a range of Diamond pieces surround the cartilage.

Diamond Star Eternity Single Earring - White Gold. Maria Tash

Here's an example of a powerful Black Diamond look! This #CuratedEar combines the raw luxury of Black Diamonds with the subtle White Gold on a wide array of ...

Employing the bright blue flash of Turquoise in both the Lobe's Triple Long Spike Ring and the Helix's Turquoise Eternity, this #CuratedEar demonstrates how ...

This earring from Maria Tash features a single spike of elegant gold that adds interest and length to an otherwise simple clicker ring design.

Opal Eternity Ring Single Earring - Rose Gold. Maria Tash

A dazzling Diamond Eternity Ring by Maria Tash, this inspired look is set in 18ct

5/16" Maria Tash Diamond Eternity ONE Earring with 2 Chains 18 kt gold

A great forward facing style, using Maria Tash piercig aestheic, combination of hoops and studs, especially beautiful Diamond ones! Earstuds can look ...

5/16" Cubic Zirconia Aspara Clicker Daith ...

Maria Tash 8mm Dhara Hoop Single Earring - Yellow Gold

A well #CuratedEar showing the bright pearl coronet ring in the lobe surmounted with a series of intriguing shapes dancing up the ear. The diamond lighting ...

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Women's Maria Tash Black Opal & Diamond Triple Spike Eternity Earring

designer diamond earring

Maria Tash 5mm Diamond Pavé Five Row Hoop Single Earring - Black Gold

1/4" Black Diamond Eternity Hoop Earring ...

White Gold 3 Spike Granulated Clicker Earring

1/4" Plain Clicker Earring ...

Maria Tash. '

Maria Tash

Dangling diamond charms for daze. Maria Tash

Maria Tash

gold diamond huggie earring

... Today I had the absolute pleasure of adding a high lobe piercing with our ever popular

Maria Tash ( @maria_tash )

White Gold Diamond 3 Spike Eternity Earring · Maria Tash

Yellow Gold Invisible Set Diamond Eternity Clicker Earring