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Pin by Eya Mooo on FANDOMS t Percy jackson Magnus

Pin by Eya Mooo on FANDOMS t Percy jackson Magnus


Growing up dyslexic he probably spent more time practicing his penmanship than other kids. Sloppy handwriting would be even harder to read.

The first post I've seen about Ship of the Dead!!!!! Of course, I've finished it long before now, but still, yay!!

I like the Percy Jackson series better. But magnus's sense of sarcasm is the best i think. What if there was a character with percy's bravery, ...

I HOPE ITS BETTER THAN THE MOVIES<< Percy Jackson Books, Percy Jackson

He's done it again guys. Rick is gonna ruin our lives again. How can we have overlooked this?

Magnus Chase, Rick Riordan Books, Fourth Wall, The Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson

HahHa got bored again and thought of this so here you go enjoy it haha Percy

#MCGA #Tangled | Magnus Chase and Flynn Rider Percy Jackson Fandom, Funny Percy

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Hearth point to his chest (meaning i) then strokes chin as if he was pointing a go tea ( meaning gay). Find this Pin and more on Percy jackson ...

I don't think I can forgive Riordan for Jason's death Percy Jackson Books,

Percy Jackson Memes, Percy Jackson Books, Hades Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson Fandom,

Of course Grandma Zhang never died. Find this Pin and more on Percy jackson ...

20 things Percy Jackson taught me

Image result for house of hades percabeth real kiss count

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Your skin isn't blue too. Calm down Percy. Everything will be alright

Nico Di Angelo, Rick Riordan Books, Magnus Chase, Uncle Rick, Half Blood

I shipped then from the the moment annabeth said Percy drooled in his sleep. I didn't even now what shipping was was 4 years ago when I read the lighting ...

Heheheheh funny mental image of Hermione reading PJO. Find this Pin and more on Percy Jackson ...

Just brilliant < < *cough cough* spoilers *cough cough* they kiss like twice and it's adorable < < < WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT

Lol...huh I love pillow pets Magnus Chase, Nico Di Angelo,

What does fox-Frank say? Find this Pin and more on Percy Jackson ...

Find this Pin and more on Magnus Chase by Isa. See more. <3. Percy Jackson FandomPercy ...

Percy and nico fusion is me


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Jason And Percy, Nico Di Angelo, Percabeth, Solangelo, Rick Riordan Books,

Or a god. Camp Half Bloods, Uncle Rick, Rick Riordan, Angelo,

Hahaha, Percy Jackson, Carter Kane, Will Solace, Magnus Chase

If you repost please give credit 😊 - All of myheadcanons are here ➡ please don't uses this hashtag - Taken by _percy_posts_ on Wednesday March 2018

Percy Jackson / persassy / Percy Jackson perfection /

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Pin by lost narnian on bibliophilia | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Percabeth and Percy jackson fandom

Anyone who hates blue is obviously not Percy. Yes, uncle Rick, you're a total genius. Oh, and Magnus is from Boston, so he isn't Percy.

*reposts until thumb falls off* Funny Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson Ships, Percy

percy jackson tumblr lockscreens - Yahoo Image Search Results

Percy Jackson, everybody.

I feel like Alex is perfectly capable of destroying Magnus < < < < Annabeth should cut Magnus some slack because technically he is dead

Poor Percy just wants a normal life

Yes move aside mortals Magnus Chase, Percabeth, Solangelo, Percy Jackson Cabins, Percy

Percy Jackson Look I didn't want to be a half-blood

Percabeth, Solangelo, Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson Fandom, Percy Jackson Books, Movie

Rick Riordan Books, Rick Riordan Book Series, Solangelo, Percabeth, Trials Of Apollo, Percy Jackson Ships, Percy Jackson Fandom, Olympians, ...

Tbh, Hades prob wouldn't do that but I still love it Percy Jackson

Nico Di Angelo, Heroes Of Olympus, Rick Riordan Series, Percy Jackson, Magnus

Alex, Sam, and Magnus. Find this Pin and more on Percy jackson ...

Already pinned this but it's too funny to not pin again :) hahaha yes the. Percy jackson ...

YES! I said that in class and my teacher told me it want but I'm still in denial <---I've said that before ... A lot and aways get strange looks.

Percy and Annabeth proposal.

Pin by Fer Beltran Salas on Uncle Rick's World | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Jackson and Rick riordan

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LIGHTNING THIEF MUSICAL (3/6) · Percy Jackson MusicalPercy Jackson FandomThe ...

Another reason book Percy is cooler than movie Percy. I don& care if he& played by Logan Lerman. Book Percy is AWESOME!

cookiecreation: Magnus describing Annabeth's hair as 'wavy' and not 'curly' intrigues me - PJO and Magnus Chase: Annabeth and Magnus

Percy Jackson definition Percy Jackson Head Canon, Percy Jackson Books, Percy Jackson Fandom,

close the god dam door behind you.

Christmas poem Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series


i have a feeling jason and percy are the james and sirius of the pjo fandom xD

Hitting the lord titan in the eye with a blue hair brush

He has a deadly sense of humor<<<<<. Percy Jackson FandomPercy ...

Similar to my love 4 rock and roll

Instagram Profile - INK361 Percy Jackson Head Canon,

Its a damn Percy Jackso thing....you wouldn't understand on

Percy Jackson

Was it when he used the mist? Funny percy jacksonPercy ...

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And we'll never be Romans. < <

Perry died, Percy cried, I pulled out all his stuffing. Jason grinned, Leo tried to mend, And aren't I so cunning?

That is So annabeth Percy would never be afended with THAT-----> VOW

Find this Pin and more on Percy Jackson headcanons .

Percy should name his kid Peter

They are gods and they are stupid < < < yes when you read through the entire Percy Jackson series and every myth book you find, you will discover that the gods ...

Day #13 in the Percy Jackson prophecy I LOVEEEEEEE THIS ONE! Though my friend spoiled the last part for me *-*

ha ha ha ha ah ah ah wah wah wha! i'm now crying

because that was what Odysseus told him his name was when he was invisibleeee. Find this Pin and more on Percy Jackson ...

*Annabeth walks in PERCY NO" *Percy plays it off cool and he slips the cookies into the lunch box*

I find Percy and Annabeth's reunion to be much sweeter and more romantic than whoever those people were's.

Happy Thanksgiving and Write Bob on your wrist or wear silver to celebrate Bob for staying in Tartarus! Find this Pin and more on percy jackson ...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (only for true percy jackson/HoO/trials of apollo fanss) <

Imagen de wallpaper, percy jackson, and lockscreen

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until the rest of the trilogy is out but he pretty much can't top Annabeth (or Percy for that matter) He so bought ...

Percy and swim team / dash and track - the incredibles

Percy would so do this.

Keep Calm and Hit the Titan Lord with... by obsessive-ninja.deviantart.com

I think that's all they do when they eat even if they have to talk to · Funny percy jacksonPercy ...

Their hearts died at the same time so they wouldn't have to live without. Percy and annabethAnnabeth ...

Its a dam Percy Jackson thing you wouldn't understand so just go mind your dam business and just go to the dam snack bar!

Leo: Calypso may have liked Percy before but I'm good, I am Leo mcschizzle Valdez bad boy supreme

Percy Jackson

Nico would never buy Burger King filth. Find this Pin and more on Percy Jackson ...

Percy Jackson

um i laughed WAAAY 2 hard at this. omg i can just c leo doing tht. srry- tht got me laughing all over again. I still can't stop laughing

This is a community for all the boys from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fans.

Las Crónicas de Percy Jackson y los Héroes del Olimpo - Carter

Not going to lie, me saying this was my ring tone until I got a new phone.

"Daughter of Apollo" by luna0422 on Polyvore featuring Dsquared2 Apollo Cabin, Percy Jackson


The Great Prophecy book "Raze with a "z." I asked"- Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monstars. (movie) p. the prophecy in being in the movie made me so mad!

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Percy Jackson Memes, Percy Jackson Fandom, Solangelo, Percabeth, Annabeth Chase, Trials Of Apollo, Rick Riordan Books, Magnus Chase, Bellini